General Aquatic Information:

  • Blanchette Aquatic Facility:
    – Open Flume Slide, Enclosed Flume Slide, Drop Slide – Must be at least 48″ tall
    – Slides attached to the Kiddie Structure – Must be at least 36″ tall
    – Diving Boards, Climbing Wall – No height restriction but must know how to swim
  • Wapelhorst Aquatic Facility:
    – Open Flume Slide, Enclosed Flume Slide, Speed Slide – Must be at least 48″ tall
    – Boomerango Slide – Must be at least 42″ tall
    Maximum Operational Load: 2 people, 400 lbs.
    Maximum Individual rider Weight: 1 person, 300 lbs.
    Minimum Total Vehicle Weight: 100 lbs.
    – Slides attached to the Kiddie Structure – Must be at least 36″ tall
  • McNair Aquatic Facility:
    – Must be able to reach lily pad ropes on your own to use
    – Kiddie Structure has no height requirements
  • Coast Guard approved life jackets, noodles, water wings and rings no larger then 38 inches in diameter are allowed with adult supervision. Other flotation devices such as inner tubes and rafts are NOT permitted.
  • Use of the Season Pass card by person(s) other than the person listed on the season membership will result in a cancellation of the pass.
  • Must be 12 years or older to enter the Aquatic Facilities without a parent/guardian. Children 11 and younger must be accompanied by a guardian 14 or older.
  • All children still in diapers MUST wear swimmies provided by the Parks and Recreation Department due to health and safety issues.

Health and Safety:

Guests with infectious conditions/contagious disease/open wounds will not be allowed entrance into the aquatic facilities. No one will be allowed to enter water with open sores, apparent skin disease, or any visible bodily fluid discharge. It is mandatory that diaper wearing guests wear special swimming diapers at all times while using the aquatic facility.

Rain Check Policy:

Rain checks will be issued when the pool areas are cleared for inclement weather and has remained clear for at least 45 minutes after the manager on duty has made the announcement to exit the pools. The aquatic facilities will remain open until the Aquatic Coordinator makes the decision to close for the day. After 45 minutes, guests can receive a rain check to visit the park on a different day during the season. Guests MUST present their time stamped receipt for all individuals wanting to receive a rain check. Guests requesting a rain check MUST have been in the park for less than 3 hours to be eligible for a rain check. There are NO CASH REFUNDS. Rain checks expire on the last day of the season.

Inclement Weather Policy:

The Blanchette, McNair and Wapelhorst Aquatic Facilities will remain open except during threatening weather such as thunderstorms, lightning and tornadoes and/or during low air/water temperatures. During periods of low attendance various attractions and/or pools within the Aquatic Facility may close.

Re-Entry During Capacity Limit:

Each Aquatic Facility has a set maximum occupancy or capacity limit that is allowed at one time. Once the facility has reached the capacity limit, its Staff will allow guests to enter as other guests leave. If a guest or guests would like to leave for any reason (i.e. to eat outside of aquatic facility, go to their car, etc.) they will be asked to re-enter the facility using the main entrance line and may experience a wait to re-enter. Guests will not have to pay to re-enter if they receive a hand stamp or show their receipt with the current date. Signs will be posted at the front of the facility to inform guests of the policy.

Concession Stands:

All three concession stands offer concession items for sale. No outside coolers, food, drinks or glass inside the aquatic facilities.

Swim Attire:

Proper swim attire is required to be worn at the aquatic facilities. “Street clothes,” jeans, undergarments/boxers, loose fitting clothing and thong style swimwear are prohibited. Swimsuits, swim trunks, board shorts, rash guard shirts and all other tight fitting clothing designed to be worn in water are acceptable. The Aquatics Staff reserves the right to ask a person to change or cover up if they deem a person’s swim attire is too revealing, poses a threat or danger to a person, or is not the appropriate attire to be worn at the Aquatic Facility.