Join us for this week long art camp! Artists will learn and develop skills that will last a lifetime. This program’s step-by-step method can teach any child to draw, regardless of their artistic ability.

Monday – Friday: Week Long Camp
Location: VFW Room or Memorial Hall in Blanchette Park
Instructor: Brenda Pritchett
Fee: $65 per person – all materials are provided
*Tag-A-Long Camps Fee: $55 per person

CODE:               AGES:       DATES:         TIMES:
223931-01        6-9            6/12-6/16     4:00P-6:00P
*223931-03      6-9            6/12-6/16     4:00P-6:00P
223931-02        10-14        6/12-6/16     4:00P-6:00P
*223931-04      10-14        6/12-6/16     4:00P-6:00P
Add this tag-a-long camp onto your child’s
Blanchette Summer Fun Day Camp using the RED CODE.

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Program Cancellation Policy

  • If cancelling 14 or more days prior to scheduled activity: Refund minus a $10 administration fee
  • If cancelling 14 days or less from scheduled activity: NO REFUND