The St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department is happy to provide space to help area residents and organizations hold special events and athletic tournaments. Since our space is in such high demand, we have created procedures to try and ensure that special event requests are handled efficiently and fairly. See the information below that applies to the type of event you are looking to plan.
**We are no longer accepting applications for new special events at Frontier Park. If you are not a returning event, you will have to consider an alternate location. Review the application information and submit your request to our office and we will do our best to accommodate you in a different park.

Special Events (Concerts, 5k’s, Fundraisers, etc.)

For event requests to be held within a St Charles Park, please review the St. Charles Parks and Recreation Special Event Use Policy Manual. When contacting us for availability, we ask that you are able to submit some basic information about your event to make determining availability more efficient. In order for your event to be reviewed, please submit the Preliminary Event Request Form to our office.

Once we have determined we can accommodate your event, the entire City of St. Charles Special Events Application must be completed.  This includes, but is not limited to submission of an event site plan, proof of insurance and payment of applicable fees.

Some things to consider:

  • Entertainment vendors, bands, tents, porta potties, alcohol, food and vendor sales all require special permits that must be acquired before we authorize your event.
  • Every event open to the public will require insurance. For more information on our insurance policy, please review our Special Event Use Policy Manual, Page 14,  for more information.
  • Certain events may be restricted to certain parks due to space and facility limitations at other locations
  • Various city ordinances may prevent us from allowing certain activities to take place in the park (e.g. no yard sales are allowed, charging admission to any public park space is prohibited, etc.)
  • Please be aware that local laws prohibit domesticated animals during special events with the exception of service animals.