The St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department is happy to provide space to help area residents and organizations hold special events and athletic tournaments. Since our space is in such high demand, we have created procedures to try and ensure that special event requests are handled efficiently and fairly. See the information below that applies to the type of event you are looking to plan.

Questions? Call our office at 636-949-3372 or send an email to


Softball and baseball fields within the parks department are available to reserve for athletic tournaments throughout the summer. Our fields are in high demand, though we will make every attempt to accommodate your games. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, please familiarize yourself with our Tournament Policies and Fees before contacting us for availability. We will also need you to submit a Tournament Request Form before we can determine availability.

Some things to consider:

  • Our fields come in various sizes and with various amenities. Only Blanchette, McNair and Wapelhorst have lights. Because of field size and staff limitations, your tournament may be limited to certain fields.
  • As with our special events policy, we will require all tournaments to provide proof of insurance before authorizing play.