We need your feedback! The master planning process for the new park along Highway 94 and Highway B next to the new Orchard Farm School District development is underway. Your input is important as design concepts are being explored based on the feedback received. The meeting will be spread out allowing space for social distancing while talking to team members about your thoughts for the park. The use of face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing is recommended.

Thursday, March 11

5:00P – 7:00P
Memorial Hall in Blanchette Park (1900 Randolph, St. Charles, MO 63301)

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 200 Acre Park/School Master Plan process. This is the second of three public engagement meetings. In this meeting we are sharing a summary of the input received through the first meeting and online feedback and presenting several concept designs for the 100 acres of park property.

Below you will find the documentation shared at the Open House held on March 11, 2021 for your review. A narrative overview is provided for each of the information stations setup at the Open House along with a brief video presentation of the four concepts.

Following your review of the Open House documentation we ask that you complete the online input form linked below to provide feedback on concept preferences and additional thoughts on this future park and/or the planning process.  This input will assist us in the consolidation of these four concepts into a final master plan vision for the park.

Please use THIS LINK to view or download a PDF of the room layout and complete set of display boards and evaluation form shared on March 11th.  The individual stations are summarized in more detail below along with a link to view the individual boards associated with that station.

Thank you again for your participation in this master plan process!


Station #1 – Open House Layout and Evaluation Form

Click here to download the room layout and evaluation form.
Upon arriving at the Open House participants were welcomed and provided an overview of the room layout and an evaluation form for providing input on the concepts at Station #5.  The form asks for feedback regarding how successful you feel each concept will be at achieving several goals identified for the park. These goals were developed based on the Parks and Recreation Department mission statement, discussions with the Parks and Recreation Department staff and Board, stakeholder input and community input. A question or series of questions are included with each goal that provide context for what successfully achieving each goal could look like.  These goals are:

  • Identity and Branding
  • Community Need
  • Unique Amenities / Experiences
  • Park for the Entire Community
  • Stormwater Management / Ecosystem Services
  • Shared Amenities

The evaluation options for each goal are:

  • High – concept would be very successful in achieving the goal
  • Medium – would be successful, but could do more in addressing the goal
  • Low – concept does not do a good job of achieving this goal

The concept evaluation should focus on each concept individually, not compared to the other concepts.  Please use the online input form link at the bottom of this page to access an online version of the evaluation form and additional opportunities to provide feedback.


Station #2 – Project Update

Click here for summary board.
This station presented a summary of the December 17, 2020 Open House and input received at that event and through the Online Input form.


Station #3 – Program Refinement

Click here for summary board.
This station presented a summary of how the input received was organized into four recreation program categories. Based on interest and need identified from the input process the program items in each category were sorted into priority levels of consensus to be included in the park.  The recreation program categories are:

  • Active Recreation
  • Passive Recreation
  • Facilities
  • Nature / Ecological


Station #4 – Program Area Boards

Click here to view three summary boards.
Based on the program refinement a series of core program areas were identified for the park.  Each of these areas would include a variety of parks and recreation programming and amenities from the program refinement list. Boards were presented at the Open House that identify seven program areas and show images of the types of activities that might be found in each program area and the character of the program area. The program areas are:

  • The Hub – an active program area that can extent the hours and seasonal use of the park. Activities such as pickleball, concessions and food trucks, social spaces, water recreation access, and game areas such as mini golf, batting cages, yard games, etc. are envisioned at the Hub.
  • Field House – a recreation focused amenity with indoor and outdoor space to support department programming and provide opportunities for partnerships.
  • Family Area – a combination of active and passive spaces this area is the traditional day use park zone. Amenities including playgrounds, shelters, trailheads, open play lawn, etc.
  • Bike Park – A unique amenity for the parks system this area can provide bicycle activities for a variety of skill levels as well as host special events. R/C car or other compatible activities may be considered for this amenity area as well.
  • Green Space – This program area is found in consolidated areas to provide open activity space or programmed sports and events. It is also spread throughout the park to include activities such as park trail systems and disc golf course.
  • Lake Amenities – The lake amenity in this park will provide a recreation opportunity and a stormwater management facility. Looking at ways to maximize these roles will be important for the overall park experience. The images explore active and passive lake based recreation.
  • Native Landscape / Stormwater – A critical component to this park. This area is a combination of landscapes, stormwater management, education opportunities and art to be incorporated throughout the park creating and enhancing the functional and recreational park experience.


Station #5 – Park Concept Plans

Click here to view five summary boards.
This station presented four park concepts that explore how the Program Areas can be organized and scaled on the park property to create different experiences and relationships within the park and to surrounding areas.  The boards present the concept plan, a legend to the program areas, overview notes describing the primary design ideas of the concept, and a summary of the dominate program amenities from each category bolded in the lists at the bottom of each concept board. A final board shows all four concepts together.

In addition to the boards, we have provided a link to a short video presentation of the four concepts. This video will provide an overview of each concept from the design team.   The concepts presented are titled:

  • Balance
  • Shared Activity
  • The Loop
  • Central Meadow


Station #6 – Online Input and Feedback:

Below is a link to access the online input and feedback form.  This document provides a version of the evaluation form for each concept and the opportunity to provide general feedback about the concepts and park amenities.

That concludes the online overview of Open House 02 with links the Open House documentation and online input and feedback form.  We appreciate you time and input in this process and look forward to visiting with you at our third and final Open House later this spring.  Once a date for this meeting is determined it will be shared on the St. Charles Parks and Recreation website and social media.