Concessions and Set Ups

  • Beer and soda MUST be purchased through the St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department.
  • If wine and hard liquor or drink mixers are brought in, it must be given to our parks event staff to serve.
  • If you bring in your own wine, please note that we only have 12oz plastic cups. You are more than welcome to supply your own for our parks event staff to serve from.
  • Parks event staff can make 2-3 ingredient cocktails. If you wish to have a specialty drink, it must be pre-made by you for the parks event staff to pour and serve.
  • Catering is not provided. We do not have a preferred caterers list, you are welcome to use any outside catering company you wish or supply your own food.

All concession and set up prices below are subject to change.

Bar Concessions:

Beer Options (Keg):
Bud Light and Bud Select
Fee: $200 per keg – includes 16oz plastic cups and serves approximately 125 cups
Up to 2 additional Bud Light kegs can be placed on reserve.

Soda Options (2 Liter Bottles):
Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite
Fee: $4.00 per set up – includes 12oz plastic cups and ice and serves approximately 10-12 cups
You can bring in your own ice tea, lemonade or juice, but no other soda products are allowed.

Reserved Beer / Additional Soda:
Any reserved beer used, additional soda used needed the night of your event must be paid for before use. They MUST be paid for via check to the parks event staff. No other forms of payment will be accepted the night of your event.

What if I order too much?

Any unopened soda or untapped barrels of beer, that were previously paid for with your original concessions order, will be refunded once our Administration staff receives the final count from the parks event staff. 

Event Staff / Bartending:

One parks event staff member is required to be on premise for all events. A second parks event staff member may be required depending on the size/nature of your event. Parks staff will serve as building manager, assist renter with questions, act as bartenders as needed and clean up beyond what is required of renter after event. We only allow use of our parks event staff to serve alcohol, no outside bartenders are permitted.
Event Staff Fee : $30 per hour, per parks event staff member

Set Up & Linens:

Full day entire rental levels on Friday, Saturday or Sunday includes the set up and break down of tables and chairs. A staff member will set up prior to your rental time and break down after the event. You are not required to rent tablecloths from us, you are welcome to use an outside company if you wish to do so.

– Upper Level uses 5′ round tables and can seat up to 8 guests per table.
– Lower Level uses 6′ banquet style tables and can seat up to 8 guest per table.

White Linen Tablecloths:
Available for Upper Level round tables and Lower Level banquet tables.
Fee: $230 – includes all round tables

Table Skirting:
Table skirting for the head table, gift table and cake table is also available to rent.
Fee: $150 – includes all tables listed above

Plastic Tablecloths are included in the rental fee for the Lower Level ONLY.

CLICK HERE to see payment timeline for your concession order.

Room Dimensions, Height and Table Size:

  • Auditorium: 83′ x 43′  | Height: 12′
    – Auditorium uses 5′ round tables and can seat up to 8 guests per table.
  • American Legion Room: 30′ x 34′  |  Height: 10′
    – American Legion Room uses both 6′ banquet tables that can seat up to 6 guests per table and 8′ banquet tables that can seat up to 8 guests per table.
  • VFW Room: 30′ x 34′  |  Height: 10′
    – VFW Room uses 6′ banquet tables and can seat up to 6 guests per table.

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancelling 181 or more days from reservation date: Refund minus a $100 cancellation fee
  • If cancelling 91-180 days prior to the reservation date: Refund minus $500 security deposit
  • If cancelling 90 days or less from reservation date: NO REFUND

*There is NO REFUND for inclement weather conditions