What is Inclusive Recreation?

Working to Include & Accommodate Everyone Who Wants to Participate! Children and Adults of ALL Abilities Participating Side by Side in Recreation Programs.

“Our Parks and Recreation Board and Staff are dedicated to providing inclusive recreation for our community. We have resources and partnerships allowing us to share the services and knowledge to better serve citizens of all abilities. Please call and let us know how we can meet your needs.”  

– Maralee M. Britton, Director of Parks and Recreation

Developmental Disabilities Resource Board

The Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis

Examples of Modifications

  • Modifying Activities
  • Changing Staff to Participant Ratios
  • Monitoring Effectiveness of Accommodations
  • Arranging for participants to meet Staff Prior to the Program


For more information please contact Adi Naumann, Recreation Coordinator.
Or give our Administration Office a call at (636) 949-3372.