In 2014 the St. Charles Parks & Recreation Department retained the services of Kimley Horn & Associates and Counsilman-Hunsaker to conduct an existing facilities audit and an Aquatics Master Plan. The 3 current aquatic facilities located at Blanchette, Wapelhorst and McNair Park were deemed to be within 3-5 years of the end of useful life. After numerous public meetings, staff discussions and presentations with the Park Board and City Council the recommendation was finalized to demolish and replace the Blanchette Aquatic Facility. The new facility would be built on the site of the old Boys & Girls Club building that is located adjacent to the current aquatic facility. Wapelhorst would be primarily demolished (with the exception of the main entrance, concession and changing area public building and the 5 story speed slide). This new facility would be built within the footprint of the existing aquatic facility. No work will be done with the existing McNair Aquatic Facility, it will remain open to the public as long as it is financially feasible.

The residents of the City of St. Charles in August of 2016 approved a 1/2 cent sales tax that would be split 2/3’s of the funding going to Storm Water and 1/3 going to the Parks & Recreation Department for outdoor recreational uses. Over the 15 year life of the sales tax it is estimated to generate $21,000,000 for the Parks & Recreation Department. Of that amount $18,000,000 has been set aside for the replacement of the Blanchette Aquatic Facility and renovation of the Wapelhorst Aquatic Facility. The remaining $3,000,000 has been allocated towards playground replacements, athletic field light upgrades and ball field upgrades.

The passing of Prop P will help us continue to carry out our mission while providing safe and enjoyable opportunities for families and friends to create memories that will last them a lifetime in our parks. We value the relationship we have with our community and know that we couldn’t have made it this far without their support. We are thrilled and optimistic for the future of our parks and are looking forward the upcoming projects!

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