Boone’s Lick Softball Fields

Field reservations start on the last Monday of March and end on October 31.

Field reservations can be made for 2 hours per week per household and can only be reserved 2 (two) weeks out from the current date.

Field reservations can only be made for times on the hour, no half hour increments (ex: 6:00p-7:00p).

Online reservations will be monitored. Any abuse of this policy may result in loss of all on-line reservation/registration privileges. All future reservations/registrations will be required in person at the Administration Office in Blanchette Park.

Official Games scheduled take priority over practice permits.

Be sure to print your receipt as this is your Ball Field Permit and needs to be with you at the time of your reservation!

Click below to check availability or to reserve a practice field:

Boone’s Lick Field 1

Boone’s Lick Field 2