Webster Park Community Building

The Webster Park Community Building is a great place to have receptions, family gathering and business meetings. This park features rolling hills, a meadow, wooded areas and a creek to give it a charmingly peaceful atmosphere for your event.


2201 S. River Road


  • Seating for 75 guests
  • Up to 10 rectangular 8ft. long table are provided, including chairs
  • Kitchen area equipped with a refrigerator
    (no ice machine) and sink only
  • Large patio with an outdoor fire pit (see fire pit use fee below)

Rental Fees:

  • Regular Rate:
    $800 Rental Fee + $400 Security Deposit
  • City Resident Discount Rate:
    $600 Rental Fee + $400 Security Deposit

Rental Time:

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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For more information or to rent the Webster Building, call the Park Office at 636-949-3372

Dimension and Height:
Room: 26′ x 35′ | Ceiling Height: 10′ 6″

Use of the Fire Pit:
There is a $20 fee charged for this.  The fire pit is only available for those who reserve the Webster Community Building. When using the fire pit, Licensee shall use the firewood located in the wood storage area located near the fire pit. The Parks and Recreation Department will provide a key to unlock the wood storage area which will contain wood for a single rental period, a fire starter block and matches. Licensee is responsible for transporting wood from storage area to the fire pit. Use of additional wood from other sources is prohibited. Fires must be kindled in such a manner that no tree, shrub, grass or other inflammable or combustible matter will be set on fire or caused to be set on fire. Use of any combustible materials to start fire other than that supplied by the Parks and Recreation Department is prohibited. Licensee is responsible for completely extinguishing the fire and all embers using water supplied from an adjacent water hydrant at the end of the rental period.
In addition, the following rules apply:
– Persons under 18 years of age should have adult supervision when building a fire. Supervise children and pets around fire at all times.
– Burning trash, aerosol cans, aluminum cans, pressurized containers and glass is prohibited.
– Large bonfires are prohibited. Always keep the fire to a manageable size.
– Never leave the fire unattended.
– Cutting trees or branches from trees for use as firewood is prohibited. Use of wood other then as provided by the Parks and Recreation is prohibited.
– Always remain outside the fire pit wall.

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancelling 181 or more days from reservation date: Refund minus a $100 cancellation fee
  • If cancelling 91-180 days prior to the reservation date: Refund minus $400 security deposit
  • If cancelling 90 days or less from reservation date: NO REFUND

*There is NO REFUND for inclement weather conditions