St. Charles Soccer Complex Use Regulations:

  • Reservations are for the designated field(s) only. Use of the field/facility is limited to the activity specified on the permit. If field(s) is utilized for a purpose not designated on the approved permit, additional charges may be assessed for usage.
  • Renters utilizing fields without a permit may be assessed a fee and continued use during the session will be determined.
  • Upon request of Parks and Recreation Staff, the rental permit must be provided.
  • Permits are granted for practice only.
  • Renters utilizing a field not designated on the rental permit will be removed and continued use during the session will be determined.
  • Vehicles may not be driven or parked on turf surfaces, sidewalks, service drives or emergency zones. Only parking lots may be used for loading and unloading.
  • Apparatus or equipment may not be located on the fields unless the use and location of such equipment has received prior approval.
  • The Parks and Recreation Board may revoke any permit granted if it is determined that the application for the permit contained any misrepresentation or false statement, or that any condition set forth in the policies are not being complied with, or that the safety of the participants in the activities of the applicant or other patrons/visitors is endangered by the continuation of the practice.
  • At no time should the field be sublet to any other person, group or organization.
  • Fields may be rented for sports practices other than soccer upon approval. Any sports causing damage may be suspended at any time.

The Parks and Recreation Board, through the Director of Parks and Recreation, reserve the right to modify and waive any policy or fee as it deems necessary and in the best interest of the City.